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  • 80mm Blades diameter

  • Smooth grooving with Sharp Carbid

  • Power Gouge & Drilling for Beehive and wooden pockets

  • Extension Performance (with sanding Tool)

  • More safety & Tough work (with 7 inch angle grinder)


Angle grinder is not included

Please check your "Spindle size" of angle grinder.



  • Max. Blade Diameter: 80 mm

  • Max. Grooving Depth: 160 mm

  • Max. RPM: 15,000 rpm

  • Power: 1600 - 2400 watt

  • Disc Bore Size: M14

  • Weight: 0.56 kg

  • Overall Length: 160mm

  • Working Wide: 80mm

  • Blade Width: 12mm

  • Number of Teeth: 3 EA



Extension System
With the product called "Sanding", Holes Cutter can be extended. 1st: 120 mm extension​
2nd: 240mm extension

Reduce Vibration with Grinder Holder
Installed on Grinder Holder, It reduces the vibration and work tough & perfect.

Direct 7" & 6" Angle Grinder
4 Holes cutter can only be installed in 7" & 6" Angle Grinder Directly.

Sharp Round Carbide
Sharp Round Carbide can carve & gouge cleanly. Round cutters can be used for multiple functions & direction on any wood.

Replaceable Blades & Bolts
When blades & bolts are worn, Users can easily change the worn parts.


What's included.


    Main Component ① 4" Holes Cutter

    Accessories ​② T9 Torx Wrench ③ Special Adapter

    Manpa 4" Holes Cutter

    SKU: MP21-8-4
    • Two Hands Grip
      ​​Must use the right grinder and Grab the tools with two hands for safety.

      Check the Parts
      Before use, Please check the loosen parts. When worn or loosen, replace and tighten firmly.​

      ​​Check User's Spindle Size
      M10 : Asia
      M14 : EU countries
      5/8"-11 : USA & Canada

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