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Manpa Concave Eye Cutter - 8 pcs


8 Pcs of Concave Eye Cutter.



  • Eye features on Bear, Owl and Human etc.
  • Textures on wood turner or bowl etc.


  • Max. RPM: 25,000 rpm 
  • Power: 90 - 750 Watt 
  • Weight: 1.0 Kg 

Concave Size

  • 1/8" 3mm Shank : 9.5mm, 7.2mm, 4.8mm
  • 1/4" 6mm Shank : 25.40mm, 19.00mm, 15.90mm, 12.70mm, 9.5mm ​

Concave Length

  • 54.00mm (1/4" and 6mm)
  • 25.00mm (1/8")


Check your Shank Size & Collet
Die grinder or other tools are not included.
Please check your "Shank" of Collet.

Dremel or small hand piece grinder : 1/8" Shank
Die & Straight grinder : 1/4" Shank or 6mm Shank.


What's included

Concave Eye Cutter (8 pce) Contents
​① ø25.40 mm x 54.00 (h) mm 
② ø19.00 mm x 54.00 (h) mm
③ ø15.90 mm x 54.00 (h) mm
④ ø12.70 mm x 54.00 (h) mm
⑤ ø9.5 mm x 54.00(h) mm
⑥ ø9.5 mm x 25.00 (h) mm
⑦ ø7.2 mm x 25.00 (h) mm
⑧ ø4.8 mm x 25.00 (h) mm

Manpa Concave Eye Cutter (Set of 8) 3 & 6mm shafts

    • Please read and follow all safety instructions carefully. Please keep the manual for future reference.  
    • When operation, always wear safety equipment such as face masks and safety goggle.
    • Always secure the workpiece securely when working. 
    • Make sure that the grinder switch is off before plugging in the power cord.
    • Be careful not to touch the cutter blade. Serious injury may result.
    • Always operate the tool with both hands firmly gripped, and never leave the tool with rotation.
    • When using the tool, always use 220V without speed adjustment so that the speed does not fall below 11000RPM.
    • After operation, turn off the switch and set it down when The remaining rotation stop completely.
    • Please be sure to use it carefully because it may cause the rotation reaction(kick back) depending on the direction of rotation.
    • Please remove the stone, sand and other material beforehand to use. If not, you may get blades damage.
    • Inspect and tighten the bolts of each part before operation.
    • After working, please keep clean so that there is no foreign matter such as dust, sawdust and rosin.
    • If the cutter blade or belt is worn out, replace it with a new one.
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