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Manpa Grinder Holder



  • Alleviates vibration generation
  • 7 Handle change system  
  • More tough work



  • Power: 4" & 4.5" Angle Grinder
  • Overall Length: 280 x 100 x 70 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg



​Vibration Reduction
It absorbs the vibration from the angle grinder and adds further protection for users. 

Diverse Handle Location
Depending on working area and for more efficiency, users can change the handle location (7 Handle location).

​Thin Design and Two hands Grip
It's designed to grip perfectly with thin handle size and must use with two hands grip for better safety & strength.

​Work with Various Blades
It can use various types of blades for different applications.


What's included

Main Component
① Grinder Holder
② Handle

③ 5mm Hex Key

Manpa Grinder Holder

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