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Manpa Power Carving 2" Belt Cutter - Master

(NOTE Australian product includes a belt guard not shown in videos)


Introducing the fantastic Manpa Power Carvers. Designed and made in Korea these tools are being used by amateurs and professional alike around the world to produce stunning timber carvings and products.


Various heads provide different cutting profiles to achieve outstanding results.


Power Carving tools - Highly Recommended.
*Only 2" Blades can be used.

Includes : 
• One - 2" Circular cutter 6mm
• 200 - 270 - 348 Extension

​​Features : 
• Smooth Carving with Sharp Carbide
• Detail & Sculpting Performance
• Vibration Reduction

*Angle grinder is not included
Please check your "Spindle size" and "angle grinder".

    Manpa Power Carving 2" Belt Cutter - Master

    SKU: MANPA-MP21-2-M
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