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Manpa Power Carving 4" Circular Cutter - 12mm


Introducing the fantastic Manpa Power Carvers. Designed and made in Korea these tools are being used by amateurs and professional alike around the world to produce stunning timber carvings and products.


Various heads provide different cutting profiles to achieve outstanding results.


4" Circular Cutter 12mm


• Power Carving Performance with Only 3" Multi Cutter Series
​• Smooth Carving out with Round type 12mm Carbide (Replaceable)
• Multi Function and direction is available
• Detail & Sculpting Performance
• Perfect for Power carving, Texture and Chainsaw carving



Model  :  MP21-4-12
Max. Blade Diameter  :  95 mm
​Max. Carving Depth  :  20 mm
​Max. RPM  :  15,000 rpm
Power  :  630 - 740 watt
Disc Bore Size  :  16.03 mm
​Weight  :  0.25 kg
​Working Width  :  20 mm
​Blade Width  :  12mm
Number of Teeth  :  4EA


    Manpa Power Carving 4" Circular Cutter - 12mm

    SKU: MP21-4-12
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