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  • 120 mm extension
  • Excellent for sanding inside of plates and pockets 
  • Connecting various types of sanding tool (Assistant tool 1,2 etc)
  • Need to use “Speed Regulator to lower voltage” for sanding
  • Extension for Holes cutter (Max 2 EA)
  • Adapter is not included

Angle grinder is not included
Please check your "Spindle size" of angle grinder.



  • Max. Depth: 140 mm
  • Max. Grooving RPM: 15000 rpm
  • Max. Sanding RPM: 8000 rpm
  • Power: 630 - 740 watt
  • Disc Bore Size: M10 (Special Adapter needed)
  • Weight: 0.19 kg
  • Overall Length: 140mm



Direct Angle Grinder
Sanding Tool can only be installed in Angle Grinder Directly (Special Adapter needed).

Multiple Extension Use
Sanding tool can be used for extension for lots of Manpatools brands : Sanding flex & Assistant Tool 1,2 and others.

​​Extension Use for Holes Cutter
Crack Cutter has its extension. Original Size is 100mm and Extension is 78mm. It can extend 178mm totally.

M10 thread
Sanding Tool has its M10 thread for Multiple connection for Other Manpatools. It needs a Special adapter for using on angle grinder directly. 

Manpa Sanding Tool 120mm M10

  • Appropriate RPM
    Depending on purpose, users need to change the appropriate RPM for the best use.

    Two Hands Grip
    ​​Must use the right grinder and Grab the tools with two hands for safety.


    Special adapter is needed
    Sanding Tool has M10 thread. Check your spindle size and prepare the special adapter for use.

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